Special Promotion Rules

Winner's Instructions

If you have won a prize please wait for official contact from which will coordinate with the winners in order to reward them with their well earned prizes.  This will be the only email that will contact you regarding your prize.  We will not request any personal information except confirmation of address if you are a winner of the Ultimate Pro Gaming Gear Package.  ESG reserves a 6 month period to send out prizes. This time is necessary for verification and planning purposes. The following is a breakdown of each promotion and an estimated pay out wait time. If for any reason you have not received official contact within 30 days of winning please send an email to requesting an update on what the delay is and we will immediately get back to you.

Deposit Bonus & Refer a Friend

Instant processing time. Your prize draw entries will be used at the next weekly prize giveaway.

Eligibility & Information for ESG top 16 Rewards:

Users must log into their accounts and opt-in in order for their bets to count towards becoming a top ranked player.  Once opted in the determination of ranking is done through user activity, amount bet and winning percentage.

Travel to Live Events:

Estimated 4 month processing time. The estimated length is mainly due to all the logistics behind the travel arrangements. It will not be as simple as flying the winner out to an event with a hotel because our ESG top 16 grand prize winner will be accompanied by professionals that will document the experience to share with the world.  Furthermore we want time to be able to try and schedule face time with some of our winners favorite players and personalities that are attending the event.

Ultimate Pro Gaming Gear Package:

Estimated 2 month processing time.  The estimated length takes into account delays in international shipping and awaiting the winners response in verification of address.

Your Message to the World

Estimated 3 month processing time.  The estimated length for a custom shout out has a dependency on the winners favorite game.  Depending on when this prize is won the winner may have to wait some time before a suitable tournament presents itself in that persons favorite E Sport.

Meet the Pros

Estimated 3 month processing time. The estimated length is a direct result of the respect we have for professional gamers.  E Sport Pros have are similar to other top athletes as they have tight schedules that are planned out months in advance.


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