Betting FAQ

What is the minimum bet allowed to be  placed?

€1 EUR.

What is the maximum bet allowed to be placed?
€300 EUR.

However, certain events will have their cap increased and this will be visible during checkout.

Also, users can request that their account max limit be increased by creating a request here on our support page. Simply press the submit a request button at the top right. Title the request Max Limit Increase.

Can I place a side bet without placing a stake on the main bet?

Yes. Side bets are treated as unique bets that do not depend on having placed a bet on the victor in the main bet that it belongs to.

Is there a deposit bonus?
Yes, the current deposit bonus applies to the first deposit made by a user and is 50 weekly prize draw entries as well as a 50% match on the deposit value.

Can I change or cancel wagers?

No, wagers cannot be cancelled or changed after a bet has been confirmed.  Users are given the ability to review their stakes before and after they add them to a bet slip. This gives users an extra layer of protection before having to enter any payment details for confirmation of their bet.

Can I make the same bet more than once?

Yes, users may make multiple stakes on the same bet however the sum total of these stakes can not exceed the maximum limit.


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