Betting Types

Betting on a Player/Team:
A user may bet on either team represented in the bet.

Side Bet:
Many bets include side bets which have extra options/scenarios users can bet on.

These include but are not limited to:

1) In Dota 2, League of Legend, and CSGO vote on First Blood. First blood is defined as the the team that receives the first kill awarded to them.

2) CSGO: Pistol Round Win (Vote on the team that will win the Pistol round. In CSGO there are two pistol rounds per map and the side bet will denote which pistol round (1st or 2nd) and for which map.

3) Smash: Will player A lose less stocks than player B in total throughout the event?

4) SC2: Will Player A/Player B cheese in the series? Cheese is defined as a worker rush before 5 minutes, cannon or bunker rush before 5 minutes, or a 6-8 spawning pool into lings all in.


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