Bonus Rules

Available Bonuses:

  • First deposit: we will match your first deposit 50% up to €500, this will go into your account's pending bonus
  • Friend referral: we will credit your pending bonus with €5 for every friend you refer to ESportGaming when that friend makes a deposit
  • Affiliate code: when you use a valid affiliate code that is running a bonus promotion, after your first deposit your pending bonus will be credited with the relevant bonus amount

Your pending bonus will be released into your account's deposit balance every time you place a bet at the rate of 4% of your bet value, so for every €100 that you bet, €4 will be credited to your deposit balance from your pending bonus. You will then be able to use the new deposit balance funds to place bets. Your pending bonus will expire 30 days after the last time that you earned a bonus.


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